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Leon and friends leon has known

What can you say for and against future technological developments? I According to Jane, why does snow seem to be blue sometimes. Вы услышите высказывания людей в семи различных ситуациях.

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It was incredible. Get up! Поставьте курсор в текстовую область, щелкните по появившемуся полю «Имя», отметьте опцию «Хотел бы написать как гость». Journalist: You do accept, though, that we really do need some new, cheap accommodation in the town centre? Почти готово

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Over a million people visit the Eden Project each year. It could either be an expert, such as a family counsellor, or a trusted family friend. When did she become interested in politics?

Social talks about how people live with other people. Have your musical tastes changed over the years? If a person is too heavy or too thin for their height it may affect their health. Во время проведения этой части экзамена идет постоянная аудиозапись вашего ответа.

The snow crystals grow from Social talks about how people live with other people. Раздел 2. There might be lots of places to explore.

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Проверим Ваше сочинение за руб. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные жирными буквам в конце строк 26—31, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Why do people sometimes argue with their friends? You and your friend are discussing what to go and see. He discovered a way to kill bacteria.

Нажмите , чтобы прослушать запись A. Teaching music to kids can give you joy. We both loved to ride our bikes and loved spending the holidays, weekends, and summers together. That is happening because people lack time.

That is happening because people lack time. Войти через ВКонтакте Войти через Одноклассники. Yesterday I bought a new book

If you go to a hotel in Britain and ask for a typical English breakfast, you will probably get bacon and eggs, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, tea and toast. Foreign cuisine 6. Слушать аудио B1 Вы услышите 6 высказываний.

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I had a natural talent, the master said. Регистрируясь, даю согласие на передачу и обработку персональных данных. Thanks for your time. Грамматика и лексика Прочитайте приведенные ниже тексты.

Families work well when things are going well, but the real test of a family comes at times of stress. So is providing food and warmth. Слушать аудио B1 Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Делитесь своими результатами или спрашивайте, как решить конкретное задание.

What can I do about the situation? My father looked at me, but uttered no word. Draw a conclusion.